Nirvana Quartz

Established in 2005, World Rocks is the specialist in high quality natural stone.


World Rocks is doing this by solidifying integral relationships with quarries and factories in different parts of the world, World Rocks has one simple motto: SID (Service, Information, Delivery).

"We sincerely believe that we are in the information business of stone and tile. Timely delivery of information combined with exceptional material is the key to our customers'success, and thereafter equals our success.

World Rocks has procured tiles and slabs from various countries like India, Turkey, China, Italy, and Spain to name a few.

Projects in the USA, India, and Dubai have been successfully completed on time with the help of World Rocks timely delivery schedules and world class infrastructure.

"We are a part of an industry which over the recent years has grown leaps and bounds with improved technology and resources. 

Our worldwide distribution network are the means by which we promote the every changing colors of stones and tiles, different finishes, and available sizes".

our buyers are constantly travelling all across the world to sources, and find out new products so that we can offer the best to our customers and cater to the new trends and designs.

With our Most recent office opening in Dubai, World Rocks has expanded to 3 countries: India, USA, and Dubai.

Offices in East Europe, Moscow and Sydney are next on the agenda, we are also looking at strategic alliances in these developing countries.

There is an over whelming demand for natural stone in the building and construction industry and with limited supply, World Rocks is Rocking the World.